Interview extract by DesignTAXI

If there is a 'mainstream' or 'pop' genre in the industry, this is a classic alien. Like it or not, that 'mainstream' genre does exist in the world. And it has taken the world by storm through some heavy viral marketing. Picture this -- Someone influential walks in and creates some messy style that he calls "explorative" or "experimental". Sure, it may be the case back then and there but when everyone opens up their photoshops and start to plagiarize (because of the fact that it sold and will continue selling) like candy factories, the sweet still tastes sweet. People still find it explorative. Innovation and creativity is what most of us preach, but doing what we preach is still not common practice. Too many of us dare not trespass beyond the 'DO NOT ENTER' sign and venture into the dangerous. Unless that is, someone goes in, comes out and repeats the déjà vu. Just when you thought we are going to raise our banners and start a Warhol revolution, we are not. At least, not now. 

The 'mainstream' did contribute trillions of tons of energy to the creative industry, propelling from it from one of the most underrated to its current superpower status. It also made distinguishing the truly 'explorative' or 'strange' a mission rather than a task. Thing is, sweets are still sweets and lollipops are still lollipops. We have seen them everywhere and we still buy them everyday. There is no way to deny that some things sell forever. It's up to you whether you want to buy it everyday, get addicted and pose with a decayed tooth; or not. It's foolish to think that everything that looks goody on the outside is good for you on the inside. Dare to be different, be controversial, or even be ugly. The industry is all about turning heads, and they are going to love you for that. There are too many opinions floating around -- make yours a voice, not an echo. So if one day someone goes up to you and tells you that your works are 'strange', smile and say "Thank You." Because you are a survivor in the wild, and you've won the battle against yourself and the god-d**n world. Alternative ROCK.